Cold War Kids – LA Divine

Cold War Kids - LA Divine
Label: Capitol Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 07-04-2017

Cold War Kids is an American indie rock band from Long Beach, California. Band members are Nathan Willett (vocals, piano, guitar), Matt Maust (bass guitar), David Quon (guitar, backing vocals), Matthew Schwartz (backing vocals, keyboards & piano, percussion, guitar), and Joe Plummer (drums, percussion). Now these guys have a brand new album out.

“LA Divine” is the name of this brand new album and it comes with fourteen songs. Each song includes the typical Cold War Kids sound we love so much. The catchy and thriving rhythms will get you going along to the music and the easy going choruses will not only get stuck in your head, but will also get you singing along. The album includes a great balance of slow and fast songs. From melancholic and heartbreaking songs to joyful and happy ones. Cold War Kids have it all and share it with you. The lyrics are beautiful and you will be able to relate to them. And I promise you, you will not be able to stop listening to this album.

Cold War Kids are back with a brand new album. “LA Divine” is the name of this great release. It is a brilliant and amazingly catchy album you will love for sure. So check it out now.

Cold War Kids - LA Divine Tracklist:
01. Love Is Mystical
02. Can We Hang On
03. So Tied Up
04. Restless
05. LA River
06. No Reason To Run
07. Open Up The Heavens
08. Invincible
09. Wilshire Protest
10. Luck Down
11. Ordinary Idols
12. Cameras Always On
13. Part Of The Night
14. Free To Breathe


17 April 2017