Ten After Dawn – Best Of Both Words

Ten After Dawn - Best Of Both Words
Label: Macaroni Penguin Music
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 21-04-2017
Helsinki based Synth Pop formation Ten After Dawn founded in 2009. The past years they have been up and coming and shared stage with names like Solar Fake and Covenant. This year it is time for the release of a brand new EP. It is called “Best Of Both Words”.

The guys have provide four tracks that have a whole lot of catchiness in them. Opener “Melody” does not need a lot for you to feel the vibe and have it stuck in mind. A song that will do great for a club night, bringing them people to dance. It’s only logical they have chosen this to be their single.
“Gone” continues with all that but there is a substantial hint of dark come in there the song is much slower and is a song you may listen rather in a different setting for its impact.
“Scarlett” is a bit more mysterious and combines the songs before. An interest mix between the sad and the dance ability a swirl contradiction that elevates the song.

Ending this EP is “Tell me”, a song that does not jump out at first and with its somewhat abrupt ending gives you the feeling something more lies ahead, but the EP does not give more. Leaves something to desire we would say and of course that could be found in a live show or a future release. A fine release from this Helsinki trio.

Ten After Dawn - Best Of Both Words Tracklist:
01. Melody
02. Gone
03. Scarlett
04. Tell Me

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17 April 2017