Soulmatic – Silverliner

Soulmatic - Silverliner
Label: Sonic Revolution
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 07-04-2017
Soulmatic is a band that makes Blues Rock. The albumt hey are releasing at this moment is their third. It is called “Silverliner” and it is available now.

The guys have made this analogue album one that has a couple of surprises. In general they have chosen to have a whole bunch of quite uptempo songs, easy listening, but with enough moments to enjoy the specific elements. Hear the way they integrated the instruments, from a guitar riff that sneakily draws your attention to a more intense moment where the whole mix is captivating. The guys have included a good variety in their songs which keeps you listening, the songs are not alike but good in line.
They also included a cover in this album, Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” it is. It turns out to be a version you may have to get used to, but they certainly give it their own stamp.

The Germans came up with a release that shows a good combination of Blues and Classic Rock. Here and there you find influences of famous artists back, maybe a bit more clear that you hoped for but the band does have also enough to offer from themselves. “Silverliner” is a fine release that will probably glow even more when performed live.

Soulmatic - Silverliner Tracklist:
01. Flying Away
02. Down Town
03. Silverliner
04. No Woman No Cry
05. Out From The Distance
06. Drive You Home
07. Crazy Sally
08. Cruis’n Out In Space
09. Nothing’s Goin’ On
10. Dancing In The Rain
11. Silverliner (Radio Edit)

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14 April 2017