Moritz Ecker – Yes

Moritz Ecker - Yes
Label: Waterfall Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 07-04-2017

Moritz Ecker is a Berlin guitar player, keyboarder, singer, composer, music producer and long-distance cyclist. And this multi talent now has a new album out. This album is called “Yes” and comes with ten songs.

This album has a typical singer / songwriter sound. With a guitar and some lyrics that go along with it, Moritz Ecker is telling you a story with each song. The sound is pure and clean. No fancy add ons, just plain music. Although the album title as well as the song titles suggest positivity, the music on the album suggest otherwise. Melancholic and almost sad music is coming to your ears and heart. Only a spark of hope remains. This album fits in with a rainy weekend that you would rather spend on the couch. The vocals of Moritz Ecker remind a little of the Finnish band The Crash, for those of you that still remember these guys. Slow and thoughtful tunes is pretty much all you get on “Yes”. This album will cause you to think about your life and the world. And it will leave you behind with a sigh.

Moritz Ecker has released a slow and melancholic album with “Yes”. It is the perfect album for a rainy Sunday. Give it a listen and see how you like it.

Moritz Ecker - Yes Tracklist:
01. Far Away
02. Keep Your Eyes Closed
03. Yes
04. You’re A Hard Case
05. Monkeys & Dinosaurs
06. Heavy As Lead
07. All I Ever Wanted
08. Celebrate The Silence
09. Don`t Kill Me
10. The Weather Song


14 April 2017