Demon Head – Thunder On The Fields

Demon Head - Thunder On The Fields
Label: The Sign / Cargo
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 07-04-2017

Long winters and short glimpses of the sun gave life to Demon Head in 2012 in the city of Copenhagen. It quickly became clear that what the five demon brothers had awoken could not be buried again. The sound of old amplifiers, tape recording and raw power shows the inspirations from the first really heavy bands, blues and gloomy music in all its forms. A sinister kind of doom-tinged, heavy rock saw its first live appearance in late 2013 and since then Demon Head hasn’t seem to be able to stop. Live shows have become notorious for their spell-like intensity and loud, dark groovy-ness.

Now, Demon Head has a new album out. This album is called “Thunder On The Fields” and it comes with seven songs. The first song is a song in Danish. “Thunder On The Fields” is an interesting album. The vocals on the album are quite monotone. Because of this the music has a mellow touch. Almost unimpressed by its surroundings. The lyrics are about the devil and hell. Both makes sense in a way. The music is almost hypnotizing and will get you in a state of mind where you forget everything around you. “Thunder On The Fields” will make you theirs. Their follower, their slave of music.

Demon Head is out hunting for new flesh. Be one of them, join their army and get “Thunder On The Fields” now.

Demon Head - Thunder On The Fields Tracklist:
01. Menneskeæderen
02.  We Are Burning
03. Thunder On The Fields
04.  Older Now
05.  Hic Svnt Dracones
06.  Gallows Omen
07.  Untune The Sky


12 April 2017