Spitefuel – Second To None

Spitefuel - Second To None
Label: MDD Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 07-04-2017

Spitefuel is a German heavy rock band. The Swabian heavy rockers of Spitefuel do not lose any time and so after the very successful single “Sleeping With Wolves” published in December, the most anticipated full-length album of the quintet is now following. Now, they have a brand new album out. “Second To None” is the name of this album.

The brand new album comes with eleven songs. When you press play on this album, a quite steady rhythm will come at you. “Second To None” begins with a grand intro. Then Spitefuel begin with their kick ass songs. The music on this album is loud and dirty. The lyrics are very straight forward. The rhythms are quite steady and are constantly pushing you forward. The album includes some nice guitar solos. And it also includes some heavy drumming. The vocals are quite strong, too.

“Second To None” is a strong album that will definitely kick your ass. The rhythms are pushing you through the eleven songs of the album. Spitefuel is working the guitar like the big ones. Every rock fan out there should check this album out. At least once. So go get your copy of “Second To None” now.

Spitefuel - Second To None Tracklist:
01. On Burning Wings
02. Purified
03. By My Hand
04. Whorehouse Symphony
05. Regrets
06. Sleeping With Wolves
07. Adamah’s Tribes
08. Triad Of Faith
09. Fly
10. Devil’s Darling
11. It Remains Empty Forever


08 April 2017