06-04-2017 Amorphis

Support: Swallow The Sun
Starts: 06-04-2017
San Francisco, California

It was Thursday night and a rainy one, too. So what better place to spend the night at than at Slim’s in San Francisco? Slim’s was packed tonight. The audience was quite mixed, so not only the typical metal fans in band shirts one would expect. But these guys were present to. And they were eager to see tonight’s bands hit that stage.

Swallow The SunUp first were the Finns of Swallow the Sun. Swallow the Sun is a Finnish extreme metal band. Their style is rooted in doom metal and death metal and emphasizes melody and atmosphere. As they entered the stage, they took it over immediately.

The melodic songs seemed never ending. They were captivating the audience with every second, pulling their fullest attention towards the stage, not letting go. The band was feeling their music as much as the audience was. The intense music and the grand sounds were wrapped in a dim light with some fog. This ambience perfected the mood Swallow the Sun was setting with their music. Everyone in the audience was going along to the music. Enjoying every moment of it.

Swallow the Sun played for about forty minutes, performing songs off all their albums. The audience thanked it with immense cheering after each song and especially after the performance.

AmorphisBut now it was time for Amorphis, the main act of the night. Amorphis is a Finnish heavy metal band founded by Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari, and Esa Holopainen in 1990. Initially, the band was a death metal act, but on later albums they evolved into playing other genres, including heavy metal, progressive metal, and folk metal. They frequently use the Kalevala, the Epic Poem of Finland, as a source for their lyrics.

As soon as Amorphis entered the stage, it was on. The audience was singing along and the band was rocking all over the stage. Never standing still for a second. The band and fans were banging their heads along to the music. The singer’s voice was mind blowing, but so was the performance of every other musician up on stage.

Everyone in the venue was a fan, able to sing along to all the songs, Amorphis played old and new hits. After each song the entire band was thanking the audience for having come out tonight. The performance was amazing. The sound was strong and every song was absolutely intense. It even got a circle pit started in the audience. Everyone in the venue was singing along. The audience knew even the oldest songs from the 90s by heart.

Amorphis was playing for over one hour, plus an encore of two songs which the audience demanded. And they did get it. It was an amazing night with two amazing bands. Everyone had a blast!

Swallow The Sun

11 April 2017