28-03-2017 Mayhem

28-03-2017 Mayhem
Support: Dragged Into Sunlight
Starts: 28-03-2017

Dragged Into Sunlight is touring with the mighty Mayhem. This night they played in Haarlem, Netherlands.

How to review Dragged Into Sunlight, a British formation that has been seen here in the country before. Well, I remember a bunch of asses playing their stuff, heavy and thick. Take that just literal please, the band did not really face the audience. Just a party between them of which we are sneak peaking from a distance.

The guys create an intimate intensity that is impressive enough. With a technical approach they gain in strength during the set. It takes a bit to get into them, but towards the end it became captivating. At the end of the set, the guys got a polite applause, but turning your back on people that came to see a show and bothered to show up for the support as well is not widely appreciated. Musically impressive, but for the show it may be just as pleasant to hear the album in the comfort of your own home. The guys are currently working on a new release, which is expected late this year/early next year.

Mayhem is also not a band that likes to be seen but for them it is a bit more logical to get away with it. They have of course a long reputation and people know what they are up to. The reason they are showing themselves again is the plan to play “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” live. So, the classic is played fully, not really a surprise, but the longtime fans are enjoying it most.

The darkness in which they operate is enhanced with some creepy grins appearing underneath that hood, probably only visual for the frontrows, but the red and the blue are adding to the atmosphere as well. The whole show came out well, but maybe it was just a bit too short. If you had expected the guys to do a few others after they done the whole albums, there must be a disappointment. A rather short set it was then. But Mayhem did well this evening, good also for those who weren’t around when the album got out having a chance to see this live.

Dragged Into Sunlight

02 April 2017