Ten After Dawn releases single.

The brainchild of Teemu Salo and Toni Viholainen, Ten After Dawn was born from the need to kill off their stereotypical “rock band” roots, even if they didn’t realise this at the time. It was 2009 when the duo finally had less musical commitments in other areas and an industrial version of the band began. Without the limitations of being in a particular genre, the band developed their sound through playing live shows and eventually the dark electro-pop their fans know today was born.

In 2014 the band made an enforced decision that would change their sound forever. The drummer was sick and they had possibly their biggest show yet (supporting German electro egends, Solar Fake) in Helsinki. The decision was made to play the show anyway, and with
only 3 days to program drums and make the show fully electronic it was a success. This show led to several more collaborations with Solar Fake too, with each band giving the other the remix treatment during the last year and playing more shows togethers including a first and well received trip to Russia.

The Ten After Dawn songs on Best of Both Words are performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Teemu at his home studio in Helsinki with the exception of Melody which was mixed mainly at the Finnvox studios by Daniel Hagström. Toni has input to the tracks at various stages and often comes up with a riff or a simple demo which is built up during the recording process. Teemu and Toni have worked together for so many years that often they don’t even need to communicate verbally, having such similar ideas for the direction of a track. Best of Both Words was mastered at Chartmakers East by Henkka Niemistö.

31 March 2017