Troubled Horse – Revolution On Repeat

Troubled Horse - Revolution On Repeat
Label: Rise Above
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 31-03-2017

Formed in 2003 in their hometown of Örebro (also home to Witchcraft), the Horse crew erupted into the consciousness of riff-worshippers everywhere with a low-key seven-inch vinyl release in 2010, and then their debut album “Step Inside”, which was released by Rise Above Records in 2012. An invigorating whirlwind of spiky garage rock, propulsive psychedelia and thunderous, overdriven soul-meets-doom riffing, Step Inside showcased a band with little interest in current or nostalgic trends, instead reveling in a consciously classic but undeniably fresh new take on the most revered and ageless of musical components.

This is the brand new album of the band Troubled Horse. It is called “Revolution On Repeat”. The brand new release comes with ten songs. Catchy tunes come at you after pressing play. The music seems a little uncontrolled and chaotic but that makes the charm of the music. The singer’s voice is breaking out with emotions. Troubled Horse created songs that are free of boundaries and structure. An album created out of anarchy and passion.

“Revolution On Repeat” is the brand new album of Troubled Horse. It is a wild and raw one. One all you garage rockers and grunge kids will love. So make sure to check it out now.

Troubled Horse - Revolution On Repeat Tracklist:
01. Hurricane
02. The Filthy Ones
03. Which Way To The Mob
04. Peasants
05. The Haunted
06. Desperation
07. Track 7
08. My Shit’s Fucked Up
09. Let Bastards Know
10. Bleeding


31 March 2017