M.W. Wild – The Third Decade

M.W. Wild – The Third Decade
Label: Echozone
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 28-04-2017
Mr Wild we know from the band The Cascades, which released four albums. Anno 2017 it is time for him to return with a solo album. It is called “The Third Decade” and is available now.

Must be said, mr Wild knows quality. We are positively surprised right when we start this release and that feeling is something that returned often at this release. Gothic Rock could be all full of clichés but in this release you see that although they aren’t feared, they are transformed to something that brings a bit uniqueness to it. Songs like “Writing On The Wall” have something recognizable. A melody that falls fine within the spectra that’s offered and then a smoke of darkness completes it. Yet when diving further in the tracklist you see something a bit different with “Exit To Grey” which seems a bit more sinister overall.
Often the guitars are there making a difference, but the combination with the dark voice is certainly something that will attract a lot of listeners.

The diversity is well presented, it gives you a variance of songs that have a red thread there and step away a bit of all you hear too often already. “The Third Decade” is a fine release from mr Wild. Refreshing, we expect to listen this one quite a bit!

M.W. Wild – The Third Decade Tracklist:
01. The Third Decade
02. Red Carpet
03. Marionettes
04. Writing On The Wall
05. Nobody
06. Exit The Grey
07. Dark All Over
08. Mirrors
10. Spring Again
11. Fly With Angels
12. Russian Roulette
13. Turning Leaf
14. Danubia


14 May 2017