Mark Duda – Month of Sundays

Mark Duda – Month of Sundays
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 14-04-2017

New York Rock and Roll singer Mark Duda has been working with various names we know so well. New York Dolls, Dead Boys.. plenty that we see around a lot as inspiration for a new generation. Now it is time for the release of an album on his own name. “Month of Sundays” is out now.

This album is an interesting mix of classic rock and Punk, all the good from the past carried in a 2017 jacket. A vibrant feel of party and nightlife comes when this release is spinning, a warm touch of nostalgia and maybe more a reminder of a Saturday night rather than the Sunday the title speaks of, but perhaps that is just depending the way you interpretate that.
A bunch of musicians joined in to make the sound complete; Thommy Price, Kenny Aaronson Bobby Rondinelli and Cheetah Chrome for example, a list that gives you w fair idea of what to expect.

Altogether the album sounds like a celebration, an album that is made with the heart sincere passion. It sounds like they had a lot of fun making it and that is contagious when listening to the album. All skillful musicians come together, and it works well for “Month of Sundays”.

Mark Duda – Month of Sundays Tracklist:
01. Month of Sundays
02. Murder on Delancey
03. Standoff Love
04. Worse for Wear
05. Connection
06. Subway Song

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14 April 2017