The Dirty Denims – Back With A Bang (part 1)

Dirty Denims - Back With A Bang (part 1)
Label: Handclap Records
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 27-04-2017

Dutch Dirty Denims are not much of a stranger, most memorable for us was the Cityrock performance some years ago. The rock and rollers from the low land are now presenting us a brand new release. It is called “Back With A Bang” and is available now.

That the band likes ACDC is something you can’t get around but if you look at the way they present themselves you could find maybe some Juliette and the Licks or even some punk-like Vice Squad. It’s wild enough. The sound they present us is recognizable. It could do well international, but what makes it The Dirty Denims is that typical Dutch feel to it. It sounds local, it sounds like you could see it live every Friday night like those kind of bands that have the local fame, play them full clubs in the area. Energetic, rock and roll and perfect also for a roadtrip.

Having this release on the play it is not really much different than what I have heard from them before. They band will also come with a part 2 we assume as they mention this as a part 1. Who knows we end up with a trilogy even. We wouldn’t mind. Feel god rock and roll.

Line up:
Mirjam – Vocal/Guitar
Jeroen – Guitar
Ashley – Bass
Thomas – Drums

Dirty Denims - Back With A Bang (part 1) Tracklist:
01 Back With A Bang!
02. Heartbeat
03. Money Back Guarantee
04. Don’t Waste My Time
05. Make Us Look Good
06. Can’t Get Enough of Rock&Roll

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29 April 2017