Waves of Decay – Cycloptic

Waves of Decay - Cycloptic
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 15-04-2017
Waves of Decay is a Belgian formation. They mix up Death Meta with Heavy Metal and Industrial and say to have found their own sound with that. Formed early this year they are now presenting us their very first EP. It is called “Cycloptic” and is available now.

A first introduction with a band that sets themselves some statement with their ‘own sound’. Let’s see if that is bold enough to be true and did they really define themselves in the first month of their existence. The first songs sets you right up with a certain heaviness. Good, the guys are eager to show you what they are up for and we are not disappointed. The perky way they introduce them here is certainly capturing their attention. Guitars are often drawing interest, the skills are certainly there to bring out something good. Yet, if you ask whether this is really that unique we must say no. That is not really reached, but perhaps they will set themselves apart a bit more later. It is not hard to guess what direction they want to go to. A strong vocalist on board is assuring us that they will also address us strongly seen live, so we have no doubts on it.

Five songs of these guys are hitting the spot. They are above the level of a starting band, that we could not deny but if you really expect that you hear something you have not heard before, you may have to hold on with them. But a good start it is, “Cycloptic”.

Line up:
Stijn Kustermans – Vocals
Ben Gyles – Drums
Jelle Sterckx – Bass
Jim Metal – Guitars
Arun Rao – Guitars & Keyboards

Waves of Decay - Cycloptic Tracklist:
01. Destiny
02. Cycloptic
03. Craving for Misery
04. As I Walk
05. The Hurricane

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17 April 2017