22-03-2017 Bouncing Souls

22-03-2017 Bouncing Souls
Support: Get Dead, AJJ
Starts: 22-03-2017
San Francisco, California

It is a Wednesday night in San Francisco. Bouncing Souls came into town yesterday, and they were about to play an additional show tonight. This was all taken place in a medium sized venue called Slim’s. A nice venue located close to highway 101. Three bands were hitting the stage tonight: Get Dead, AJJ and the Bouncing Souls.

The venue was crowded and the audience was mixed. Surprisingly many teenagers were in the venue, considering that the Bouncing Souls are around for almost thirty years already. But there were still two other bands.

The first band hitting the stage tonight was Get Dead. A local punk band that we unfortunately missed. But from what the audience said, these guys did rock a lot.

AJJThe next band was AJJ. AJJ is an American folk punk band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2004. The band has been noted for their lyricism, which often covers themes of social anxiety, poverty, humanity, religion, existentialism, and politics.

The band was entering the stage and the audience and band were going nuts right away. Everyone was going along, singing along loudly and were cheering big time. It was interesting to see that almost everyone in the audience seems to know this band.

With funny lyrics that were not always that serious, everyone had a smile on their faces and could sing along to the songs. The band was moving around a lot on stage. Dancing and shaking their bodies along to their music. It was interesting to watch. Most songs included very catchy tunes, of some where faster and some slower. Some songs were picking up famous lyric lines that made the songs even catchier. After about half an hour, AJJ had to say goodbye.

Bouncing SoulsUp next was the Bouncing Souls. The Bouncing Souls is an American punk rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, formed in 1989. By the time of their acknowledgment by the national punk rock scene, they had reignited a “pogo” element to New Jersey punk rock by playing fast light-hearted songs, a model followed by various other local bands.

The audience was eager to see the band and rock their minds out. And they would. The band hit it right off, rocking from the very first second on. Between the songs, the band was talking quite a lot to their fans. At one point, they asked, who had been here the night before. And it was quite a lot of people.

Bouncing SoulsThe audience was moving around, dancing and even started crowdsurfing towards the stage to jump off from the stage back into the audience. Everyone was singing along to the songs. Between some songs, the band asked the audience what to play next. The audience requested many songs and the band was thinking about it on stage until they decided on one to play. At that point, the Bouncing Souls explained that they had a different setlist than the day before, to keep things interesting. And the show sure was interesting and amazing.

It felt as if the audience was one big family that was celebrating together. And in some ways it sure was.

After over one hour, the Bouncing Souls left the stage. But the audience wanted more. And the band came back for another few songs. And for the very last song, they were supported by a friend that joined them on stage.

It was an amazing night with an amazing band. Bouncing Souls is always great for a good night. Make sure to catch them, when they hit your town!

Get Dead
Bouncing Souls

26 March 2017