Assimilation – The Laws Of Power

Assimilation - The Laws Of Power
Label: SAOL
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 17-03-2017

Assimilation is Vancouver’s premiere old school inspired death/thrash band. Jesse Jardine, the founding member, started the band in 2011. This is their brand new album which is called “The Laws Of Power”.

The brand new Assimilation album comes with ten songs. The music on this album is dark and heavy. As soon as you press play, heavy guitar riffs come blasting at you. Accompanied by growling, the music sets the mood for a dark and evil album. The ten songs take about forty-one minutes of your attention. As long as the music is playing, you can feel your adrenaline level to rise and you will notice how your muscles start twitching. Assimilation definitely knows their place in the death metal and trash metal world. Hard and heavy music with a lot of darkness is what you find on “The Laws Of Power”. Assimilation does not give you a moment of light or pause. Each song is like a wagon of a freight train that just keeps going forward.

This is an album for all you metal heads out there. Assimilation has put out “The Laws Of Power” for you to rock your core. So go get your piece and feel “The Laws Of Power” by Assimilation.

Assimilation - The Laws Of Power Tracklist:
01. Sigil Of The False God
02. Decapitated By Beasts
03. Laws Of Power
04. Karmic Future
05. Mastery
06. Apotheosis
07. Remotion Of The Succubus
08. Personal Vendetta
09. S.L.D.
10. Massive Liquidation


20 March 2017