15-03-2017 Kilt.

15-03-2017 Kilt.
By: Nilgün Lesonen
Starts: 15-03-2017
On The Rocks
Thanks for the awesome gig to Alternative Metal Band Kilt. from Finland. The guys have been together for quite some years and tonight was the record release party of their third full length album called: “Momentum”.

I immediately want to talk about the singer Teemu Ruokonen because he has been incredibly energetic also talented musician. He can sing clear vocals and brutal vocals nicely, he switched his voice from clear vocal to brutal and from brutal to clear perfectly and precisely while controlling their electronic background (Ambient) by using mixers on the stage.

I really liked their technics, Teemu Ruokonen(vocal) has been playing also acoustic guitar in one of the songs which makes their music even more richer. All the instruments were very clear to hear, bass guitar was sounding sometimes very dominant but in my opinion it makes their music even more unique.

The musicians of Kilt. definitely have very positive and high level of energy on the stage, I should also point that; Kilt. had a gig on Wednesday but even in that case I think there was plenty of nice audience, also On The Rocks Bar have very good atmosphere. Hopefully I will be able to see them again.

The band played the songs of their new album live tonight which is a nice way of getting to know them in case you haven’t heard them before. The album is available in digital form via their bandcamp website

Kilt. Bandcamp
Kilt. Facebook

18 March 2017