Death by Chocolate – Crooked For Love

Death by Chocolate - Crooked For Love
Label: deepdive records / H'art & Kontor
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 17-03-2017

Death by Chocolate is a rock band from Switzerland. Founded in 2004, the guys have been playing hundreds of shows and released a few albums. This is their latest. “Crooked for Love” is the third full length studio album of the band and it comes with eleven songs.

The album begins with strong rock music. The rhythms are catchy and will get you going along. Throughout “Crooked For Love”, Death By Chocolate pass by different genres. Each one of them staged into perfection and to match Death By Chocolate. The music on this album easily fades in with the background. So it catches you by surprise when the album is over and you feel like it was really short. But the music on “Crooked For Love” does last for about forty-one album. So definitely not as short as it feels.

Death By Chocolate is an easy going album that is perfect for everyone that just wants to listen to music. Because it is amazing as ambient music. Which does not mean that it is not worth your fullest attention, because it surely is. Death By Chocolate made an album for everyone that everyone should check out. Give it a listen. Again and again and again.

Death by Chocolate - Crooked For Love Tracklist:
01. Give Us A Reason
02. Gravedigger
03. Cross The City Line
04. No Shore To Come
05. Foch
06. And I Try
07. Crooked For You
08. Two Paths
09. Virgin Killer
10. The Witch And The Poor
11. Pillow Ground


17 March 2017