AYS – Worlds Unknown

AYS - Worlds Unknown
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 10-03-2017
Label: End Hits Records

AYS stands for Against Your Society. It is a hardcore band from Germany. The band was founded in 2002 and has worked its way up since then. This is their brand new album which is called “Worlds Unknown”.

This brand new album comes with twelve songs. The intensity of each song comes blasting right at you after pressing play. AYS created an album that will get your adrenaline level rise fast. The fast and thriving music on “Worlds Unknown” is pulling you along, no questions asked. With shouted vocals and shredded guitars, the music is intense and does not give you a moment to catch a breath. Always on full speed, AYS is shouting stories at you that you can chose to listen to or you just let your body follow along to the rhythms. Either way, you will get the best out of this album. Let lose and go wild. AYS would want you to.

Against Your Society is not just the long version of the band name AYS, but it is what the band lives by. “Worlds Unknown” is the brand new release of AYS. It is a must have for all you hardcore fans out there. You will love it.

AYS - Worlds Unknown Tracklist:
01. 3 A.M.
02. Fangs Of Tula
03. Worlds Unknown
04. K.O.T.B.H.
05. Wuhan Prison
06. Suns Of Light
07. Hué Fever
08. Stench
09. 凌遲 (Lingchi)
10. Dogpound Pt. 2
11. Twisted Thoughts
12. Burn & Fade


10 March 2017