GHOST – Omega’s Identity Revealed, MCC Lives!

There have been rumors of major line-up changes within Ghost ever since the end of last year and although there is still no official information, the Ghost fans were shocked and maybe surprised upon hearing/reading/seeing the news from last week..

Meet the Swedish musician Martin Persner, who is known for his work with Tid and Magna Carta Cartel. You may have not heard these bands before but you have surely heard the nameless ghoul Omega, Quintessence or Aether. Well… in a video that was released last week, he opens up and reveals his identity in which he ‘claims’ to be Omega. Furthermore, he makes it clear that he is no longer in Ghost anymore since July 2016… so an era has definitely come to an end for Ghost as we won’t see Omega on stage anymore.

Another interesting piece of news Mr. Persner announces is the revival of his band MCC as well as release of “Sway”, which was basically a demo that was leaked to YouTube years ago, which is the good news after the ‘bad news’! The band has re-recorded “Sway” and an official video has been released recently. Check it out below!

For more information, check out the links below:

MCC Facebook
MCC Official


07 March 2017