24-02-2017 Battle Beast

Battle Beast 24-02-17
Starts: 24-02-2017
Virgin Oil Co

Text by: Reija Myllynen
Photos by: Juho Karila
Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast at Virgin Oil Co
Battle Beast is a band that had conquered our hearts few years ago in Nummirock and it’s been a delight to see them developing and growing year after year, thanks for them being active to play near us. After the departure of the songwriter-guitarist Anton Kabanen, it was only a matter of time when we’ve got to hear the first album where the rest of the group had finally got to contribute. This is a story about how well the songs work live.

BB starts the show with confidence and ‘we got this’ -attitude, which displays in great amount of movement on the stage. Filling the stage and keeping contact with the audience is no problem, as they’re clearly enjoying performing and they deliver the feeling greatly to the audience in a relaxed way.

The focus is clearly in the crowd, which is remembered by cheering and making them cheer loudly. It’s also pleasant to hear relaxed speaks between the songs, and it’s always nice to see some headbanging when the playing still goes on flawlessly.

The singer, Noora Louhimo seems to be having a small flu, and you could hear it in her voice, nevertheless the set rolls on with rock solid professionalism that I almost keep forgetting about making notes. This simply is a show that makes me wanting to just enjoy the ride and leave the analysis, simply a sight to behold and beautiful to listen to. The only flaw I could spot is slightly too routine-like behaviour when embracing the audience.

The emphasis of the set is in the new songs, but the most obvious hits are fit along too. It’s nice to also hear some more frail and slower songs in between, the whole place is simply blown with the heavier ones. This was the first time they sold out a gig in Helsinki, for which they remembered to thank the audience, and it won’t probably be their last, judging by the performance; I can only say WOW.

Pros: Contact with the audience, energy on the stage

Cons: Slightly routine-like when addressing the crowd

Setlist; 1. Straight to the Heart, 2. Bringer of Pain, 3. Familiar Hell, 4. Into Heart of Danger, 5. We Will Fight, 6. Let It Roar, 7. Black Ninja, 8. Far From Heaven, 9. Lost in Wars, 10. Iron Hand, 11. Touch in the Night, 12. Bastard Son of Odin, 13. Out of Control, Encore: 14. King for a Day, 15. Beyond the Burning Skies

06 March 2017