Reuze – Come Alive

Reuze - Come Alive
Label: Calygram
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 03-03-2017

Reuze is a German punk rock band. The band has been playing in bands for about twenty years already. Now they decided to form a new band: Reuze. And this is their brand new album “Come Alive”.

“Come Alive” hosts ten songs. Each one of them is rough and edgy. The steady rhythms add some Rock’n’Roll to the music. Some songs carry a horror touch, like the song “Zombie Suckers”. Reuze is wandering between genres and found its own sound. Every song is telling a story. Some fiction, some taking out of life. The rhythms will get you going along. Some verses and choruses might get you shouting along. But the beats will definitely get you nodding along at least. “Sister Death” is a slow and sad song. Probably the slowest and saddest on the album. All lyrics are in English. The album goes by in an instant, although the total duration is thirty-seven minutes. So you will catch yourself hitting play again, over and over.

Reuze has a brand new album out. “Come Alive” is the name of this album. If you need something that does not fit into one single genre, this album is a must have for you. Check it out now.

Reuze - Come Alive Tracklist:
01. All What You Want
02. Television Girl
03. Zombie Sucker
04. The Fly
05. Anna Lee
06. City Jungle Space God
07. Sister Death
08. Come Alive
09. Am I Sin
10. Night Thoughts


05 March 2017