Satan Takes A Holiday – Aliens

Satan Takes A Holiday - Aliens
Label: Despotz Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 24-02-2017

With a mix of rock’n’roll, garage rock from the 60’s and grooves from the 70’s Satan Takes A Holiday is known as one of the best live bands in Sweden. Satan Takes A Holiday became the talk of the town when they released their self-titled debut album late 2009.

This is the brand new album “Aliens”. Satan Takes A Holiday put eleven songs on this precious release. Each of the songs is filled with raw energy and good vibes. You can hear the Swedish touch to the music. A thriving one. The songs will get you going along instantly. Some might even get stuck in your head. Satan Takes A Holiday keep up the energy until the very end. The lyrics are not to be taken too serious, but they do have a message you should not ignore. Some of the rhythms cause your muscles to twitch, whether you want it or not. But “Aliens” only contains music you want to move along. So go ahead and dance to the music.

Satan Takes A Holiday has a new album out. “Aliens” is the name of this masterpiece. With positive vibes, quite some humor and a whole lot of energy, the music will get you going along. So go get your copy now!

Satan Takes A Holiday - Aliens Tracklist:
01. Good Cop Bad Cop
02. the Beat
03. Ladder To Climb
04. Get You Girl
05. Iron Pipe
06. More Is More
07. Born At Night
08. Queen Mother
09. Love Me Like I Love Me
10. Why Don’t We Do It In the Road?
11. Wrinklay


01 March 2017