Ajattara releasing a new album titled ’Lupaus’ (‘The Promise’)

After a six year hiatus, the hunters of the apocalypse have regrouped. Ajattara, the most dangerous black metal outfit in Finland, a title given by the audience, is back stronger than ever. ’Lupaus’ (‘The Promise’), Ajattara’s ninth studio album will be released on 12th of May 2017 by the Finnish label Svart Records. The album will be available in CD-format and a double vinyl is also released, including three bonus tracks.

The album was recorded in Casa de la Musica studios at the Andalucian mountains in the small town of Àlora in Spain. The rough, barren scenery has been conveyed into this personal, raw piece of art. A requiem for the devil, like an ode to man’s deepest losses and sufferings. These nine deeply deprived and creeping songs are Ajattara at its best and its worst. And that’s a promise.


Tohtori Kuolio
Malakias VI

16 February 2017