Massive Ego – Beautiful Suicide

Massive Ego - Beautiful Suicide
Label: Out Of Line Music
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 17-02-2017

Massive Ego is a British Darkwave musical group formed in 1996 by singer and ex-model, Marc Massive (also the owner of the Public Disordar label) and Andy J Thirwall. The band has changed its sound and image since its formation. The original releases being mostly covers in a Eurodance, Hi-NRG style. This is their brand new album “Beautiful Suicide”.

This album comes with two CDs and a total of twenty-seven songs. Most of the second CD is remixes. “Beautiful Suicide” includes quite some guest artists. After pressing play, electronic vibes come right at you. Thriving melodies and catchy rhythms will get you going along to the music. The vibes of each song varies, so does the mood. From dark and melancholic songs to brighter melodic songs, this album has a song for every moment and every situation. This brand new Massive Ego release is complex. Each song is carrying its own soul and creates a mood that will affect you while listening. The music on “Beautiful Suicide” is absolutely danceable.

“Beautiful Suicide” is the latest release by the Brits Massive Ego. Each song is telling a tale with its arrangements and vocals. The songs are perfect for the dance floor. Make sure to check it out.

Massive Ego - Beautiful Suicide Tracklist:
01. Ghost In My Dream (Prologue)
02. Low Life  (feat. Maggie K DeMonde)
03. She Uses Sex
04. The Girl Who Finds Gifts From Crows
05. Kates In A State
06. Let Go
07. Haters Gonna Hate (feat. Belzebub)
08. For The Blood In Your Veins (feat. Chris Pohl)
09. I Idolize You
10. Out Of Line (feat. Gene Serene)
11. Coldest Light Of Day
12. Where I Find Myself
13. Drag Me In, Drag Me Under
14. Beautiful Suicide
15. I Idolize You (Orchestral Epilogue)
CD Two
01. Public Disorder
02. Rise
03. Dead Silence Rising
04. Goodbye London
05. Eighth Day
06. Let Go (Blutengel Remix)
07. Let Go (Ashbury Heights Remix)
08. She Uses Sex (Chrom Remix)
09. Kates In A State (Ludovico Technique Remix)
10. For The Blood In Your Veins (Nature Of Wires Remix)
11. For The Blood In Your Veins (Ash Code Remix)
12. Drag Me In, Drag Me Under (Neroargento Remix)


17 February 2017