Carousel Kings – Charm City

Carousel Kings - Charm City
Label: Victory Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 10-02-2017

Carousel Kings have anchored their name as one of the most ambitious and creative rock machines in recent years. The Lancaster, PA, music scene has definitely had an influence on Carousel Kings – the same town that bred the metal bands August Burns Red, Texas In July, and This Or The Apocalypse. It gave them the idea that it was possible to be a national act, to go for it. Having grown up there, influenced by heavy bands, but wanting to do something different, Carousel Kings did just that. The band wanted to be as poppy as possible but stay true to their roots, keeping the edginess, and the ethic, in place.

This is the brand new album of Carousel Kings. It is called “Charm City”. This release comes with thirteen songs. The music on “Charm City” is absolutely catchy and thriving. Smooth vocals and brilliant melodies come at you after pressing play. These melodies will get stuck in your head as well as the catchy choruses. You can feel the passion, Carousel Kings put into this music. Somewhere between surf rock, pop rock and a touch of punk rock, these guys are wandering with their compositions. Beautiful tunes are coming from “Charm City”. Some you will fall in love with right away.

Carousel Kings have a new album out. “Charm City” is the name of this masterpiece. Go give it a try and listen to it. I promise you will enjoy every second of it.

Carousel Kings - Charm City Tracklist:
01. Grey Goose
02. Glory Daze
03. Here, Now, Forever
04. Bad Habit
05. Something Isnt Right
06. Hate Me, Love Me
07. Charm City
08. Dynamite
09. Unconditionally
10. Fractals
11. Punch Drunk
12. Fools Gold
13. You Never Will


11 February 2017