11-02-2017 Doyle

11-02-2017 Doyle
Support: Mkiebo

By: Basak Günel


Who would have thought the band DOYLE would include the city of Oldenburg as part of their European tour? The band, consisting of the notorious Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and Alex “Wolfman” Story is currently embarking on the European tour to promote their latest album “Abominator” and they played in Oldenburg on a Saturday evening.

The opener band was the German hardcore/metal band Mkiebo, which is the abbreviation for Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort (Translation: my head is a brutal place). Formed in 2012, the band has released an EP and an album so far and I could see that they were quite excited to be the opening act for Doyle. When they started the set, I thought they were doing soundcheck as the audience was not really eager to come to the front to check out the band. All in all, I guess it was a bit obvious that most of the people were there to see the headliner so they preferred to stay behind and be observant. This might have made the band a bit hesitant at first but with each song, they got warmed and so did the audience! There were even a few people who were familiar with the band’s music and who sang along. The band probably expected to see some mosh-pit action going on but sadly, this did not happen

Although their music and style is not my cup of tea, I can say that the highlight of the show was definitely the great ambience and the energy between the two vocalists. The band might not have a bombastic stage presence, which might be improved for the future gigs, but the overall energy in the vocals got me interested in these guys.

Doyle at last…. The band, formed by the ‘vegan monster’ Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and the frontman Alex Story needs no introduction. Some know Doyle from The Misfits, some from this band but it didn’t matter that night. Minutes before the show, the die-hard fans came to the front row to reserve their place. I gotta admit that I have never followed Doyle and his previous projects so I was a bit curious about the show and also excited to see what kind-of show we were gonna experience. Before the show started, I had a chat with a fan next to me and he asked me if I was here to see Doyle to which I replied with a yes. He then told me that the vocalist Alex Story is way hotter and that he had a better stage presence so this got me even more curious about the show.

As soon as the show started, the whole audience went crazy! There was no atmospheric beginning, no talking but just pure rock’n’roll & punk vibes! Even from the beginning, it was hard to follow the band! I wasn’t sure if I should follow the vocalist or the beast that is Doyle! Both of them kept moving in the stage and made sure that everyone was in the right mood and having a good time! It was interesting to see the contrast between the two; Mr.Wolfman had this crazy and even ‘sick’ stage presence whereas Doyle was silent and calm but kept moving and making eye contact especially with the people in the front row.

There were definitely some highlight from the show. My favorite was the the notorious speech that the frontman gave before each song. “This one is a love song, so you can dance to it if you like” or “You can sing along to the next song”. The mosh-pit didn’t stop for one moment; especially the fans in the front were crazy, which was surely not one-sided. It got so intense that towards the end of the set, the frontman was spinning on the floor! Now, I have seen some intense gigs with the mosh-pit and all but this gig in general was phenomenal! There were some fans in the front row who leaned to the stage to grab picks or the setlists!

When we are talking about Doyle von Frankenstein, the band Doyle was not surely on the highlight. Not only did the band play songs from the latest record “Abominator” (2013) but they also played some Misfits classics to which the audience responded really well! I could see that some fans cheered even more loudly when the Misfits classics started. However, in general, the whole show was like a slap-in-the-face. The songs were straightforward, sometimes short but definitely bombastic and I am sure that’s what the band aimed for as well! At the end of the set, the band left everyone sweating, shouting for more and with smiles on their faces. Mission accomplished!


What else is there to say? Thanks to both bands for a great night..but thanks to Doyle especially for keeping the punk & rock’n’roll spirit alive! Watch these crazy beasts if you can!

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16 February 2017