Smile And Burn – Get Better Get Worse

Smile And Burn - Get Better Get Worse
Label: Uncle M Music
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 03-02-2017

With a seemingly endless amount of Deutschrock and hiphop, Berlin is not a particular hotbed for heartfelt English-speaking rock, but, Smile And Burn have proven their stubbornness over the past six years, becoming one of the German capitals finest musical exports. And they prove it again on their brand new album “Get Better Get Worse”.

The brilliant new release of the Germans is coming with ten song. Each song is fast and catchy. The thriving tunes will catch your attention and keep it until the very end. The lyrics are taken out of life and from experience, so is the title “Get Better Get Worse”. This way you will be able to relate to the songs and create a strong bond with the music that Smile And Burn created here for you. Somewhere between pop and rock their music is wandering, creating its own sound and spirit. One that lasts for thirty-seven minutes and beyond.

Smile And Burn have a new album out. “Get Better Get Worse” is the name of this masterpiece. One you will love and will not be able to stop listening to. So go get it now and enjoy the brilliant music of these guys.

Smile And Burn - Get Better Get Worse Tracklist:
01. Not Happy
02. Bye Bye Perfect
03. Good Enough
04. Lie to Me
05. Running on Edges
06. One Step Forward
07. All Be Okay
08. Home
09. Nowhere Near You
10. Suitcase


03 February 2017