Nachtgeschrei – Tiefenrausch

Nachtgeschrei - Tiefenrausch
Label: Oblivion / SPV
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 03-03-2017

Nachtgeschrei is a German medieval rock band that was founded in 2006. The band has quite some history and has toured with bands like Subway To Sally. Now, after some years of Silence, the band is back together, ready to rock again. To prove you that, Nachtgeschrei has released a brand new album which is called “Tiefenrausch”.

“Tiefenrausch” comes with thirteen songs. The strong medieval sound on the songs is taking you on a journey through time. With bag pipes and pan flutes, the band is creating their own atmosphere and mood. The vocals are smoky and sometimes even remind of Rammstein. The vocals sure add some edges to the otherwise very smooth music. Nachtgeschrei is telling a story with each song. Some of them are creepy, some are nicer. All lyrics are in German. The melodies will pull you along. The songs vary in pace and speed. The faster songs will definitely get you going along.

Let the new album “Tiefenrausch” by Nachtgeschrei take you away. Far away from here and now. Let the music help you forget the worries of today and let the melodies guide you. Nachtgeschrei created a beautiful album with “Tiefenrausch”. Give it a listen.

Nachtgeschrei - Tiefenrausch Tracklist:
01. Tiefenrausch
02. Aus Dem Licht
03. Mal Mich Schwarz
04. Kämpf Um Mich
05. Meilen Unter Meilern
06. Gift
07. Zurück
08. Heldenmut
09. Beste Feinde
10. Stein Um Stein
11. Ich Verstumme
12. 1000 Tonnen Stahl
13. Laniakea


03 March 2017