You don’t have to wait for summer for festival fun

Are you looking forward to the summer? When the sun shines, worries fade away and you are roaming a grass field with your friends, the only decision to make is whether to go get a beer, or get closer to the stage. Festival romance.

The festival season is always a pleasure, regardless the fact that there may also be rain, wind, mud… the memories are to remain and when looking back on that while the snow is still on the streets and the night falls before your workday is over it becomes evident: you are longing for summer. The photo’s, the bands you discovered and the new friends you have made are passing by on your social media are a constant reminder that this year is going to be just as much fun or even more! (and seriously, no one remembers the rain and the mud unless you completely failed in putting the worries aside and enjoy what was there).

BUT festivals are not limited to the summer at all. Various festivals are to be hold indoors and are equally supplying you with great music, beer and music minded (to-be-)friends! In fact they are a good warming up for when the season is really getting loose and helps getting your mind away from the dreary days. So let’s see what we can recommend.

Findustry Winterball is one that pops up first. Where else than in Helsinki could the need for the festival romance be so high? And when you know that it is a Findustry event, you know that you are up for some serious madness. Industrial music, Metal, Goth, Electro… A wilde mix is up for expectations. AND… this time it is not just in Helsinki’s Bäkkäri, but also taking place in Riga’s Depo and .
Helsinki’s event:

Velvet Acid Christ(USA)
Die Kur(GB)
Northern genocide

Rabia Sorda (MEX)
Ghost Iris(DK)
Random Seizure
Val Troar(EE)

Riga’s event:
Dark Nexus
Rabia Sorda

Tallin’s event:
Dark Nexus (LV)
Val Tvoar
Gentuza (PL)
Ghost Iris (DK)
Rabia Sorda (MEX)

Then only one week later, the metal head can gets himself up for something at Complexity Fest in the Netherlands. It takes place in Haarlem (close to Amsterdam) and the festival has created a strong line up for this year. We recommend to have a look at this one!

Early March is great for those with an alternative taste. Scumbash is not only presenting you Metal, but also has eye for Rockabilly and is known for a good atmosphere.


In April, there is plenty to see also. Desertfest in London is giving you a whole range of bands, from big names like Candlemass and John Garcia towards the locals which are going to be your future favorites, or not.

May brings you to Denmark. In Copenhagen there is Dark Mental festival which we visited last year and can highly recommend. Seeing loads of small bands getting together there and play for an enthusiastic and eager crowd is an instant success. Also for this year some interesting names are on the bill, so go and discover tomorrow’s heroes!

Konvent DK
Pectora DK
Barricade DK
Stalker DK
Livløs DK

Dreich DK
Encyrcle DK
Wrang NL
Annominus DK
Svarta AT
Caro DK
Inferior SE

A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man DK
Sunless Dawn DK
Weltschmerz NL
Faithful Darkness SE
Myrd DK
Impalers DK
Order NO

So, options are there. There is really no need to allow yourself to just dream about the festival awesomeness, you can bring it to you already now. Simply set it up and go.

31 January 2017