Ember Falls – Welcome To Ember Fall

Ember Falls - Welcome To Ember Fall
Label: Spinefarm Records
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 17-02-2017
The Finnish formation Ember Falls is quite a young band, the guys make electronic Rock and are currently releasing their album “Welcome To Ember Falls” which is their first full length.

A while ago there was some drama going on in Tampere where another Finnish band thought the concept of Ember Falls being too much alike with theirs. Facebook drama and such, but fact is that now the rockers of Ember Falls are getting their album out and that they have some nice shows in the planning.
Their music is indeed having that electronic part in it, but what comes forward much more is the enormous catchiness of their sound. Surely not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has a commercial touch which makes that the band would be building a bridge between the more accessible sound towards the heavier metal genres.

The guys reminded me a bit to the Finnish formation Rage My Bitch although them Tampere rockers are a bit more focussed on the vocals. The instrumental part is often pushed a bit more back, not having the greatest spotlight. A pity, as there is enough body behind it and to have that disappearing a bit too much is feeling a bit wrong. Perhaps in a live situation this balance is a bit different. Also, the album rages on in the same kind of energy, a bit more playful with that would have worked well in keeping it interesting.

Overall the guys seem quite certain with what they want to bring. It’s a well thought album which has a lot of power and will certainly address a lot of people. This melodic rage is a beginning of something that will grow into a more elaborated sound. There are some things to improve, but it is certainly a fine first!

Line up:
Thomas Grove – Lead vocals
Jay V – Lead guitar
Calu – Guitar & Brutal Vocals
Ace – Drums
OneOfHaze – Synth & Backing Vocals
Oswald – Bass

Ember Falls - Welcome To Ember Fall Tracklist:
01. The Cost Of Doing Business
02. Falling Rain
03. Of Letting Go
04. The Enemy You Need
05. Freedom
06. COE
07. Rising Tide
08. Open Your Eyes
09. One More Time
10. Shut Down With Me
11. The Lamb Lies Down In Sacrifice

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10 February 2017