Oakhands – Age Of Swans

Oakhands - Age Of Swans
Label: Uncle M Music
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 29-07-2016

Oakhands is a German post-hardcore band. The five-piece was working hard and now they can present you their brand new release: “Age Of Swans”.

The brand new release by the Germans comes with five songs. Each song is carrying a strong passion for music and great lyrics. The music is true post-hardcore that also fits into punk music. Brilliant arrangements and catchy rhythms will get you going along. The rhythm changes and breaks in between the music are well chosen and perfectly placed. The singer uses his voice just as well: From soft and smooth singing to intense shouting. All these variations come in a perfect mix within each song, but also on the album as a whole. You can hear that Oakhands love what they are doing, and especially that they love what they created on “Age Of Swans”.

“Age Of Swans” is a beautiful release. Unfortunately the EP lasts for only sixteen minutes. But it is a must have for all fans of good music. And all you punk and hardcore fans out there, of course. So go get this amazing EP “Age Of Swans” by Oakhands now. You will not regret it. Lets see what they come up with next.

Oakhands - Age Of Swans Tracklist:
01. Flower of Stone
02. Dakhma
03. I Swear to God I Tried
04. Dâyuni’sï
05. Soar


29 July 2016