Lacrimas Profundere – Hope Is Here

Lacrimas Profundere - Hope Is Here
Label: Oblivion/SPV
Written by: Gamze Öyünç
Releasedate: 12-08-2016

Lacrimas Profundere from Munich has been in the gothic rock scene for over two decades now and they’re proudly one of the bands that define the genre, luckily for us fans. The band is back after 3 years with their brand new 11th record ironically named “Hope Is Here”. Both their music and Rob Vitacca’s vocals are so dark that you can’t help but revel in your misery let alone feel a glimpse of hope! Hence the irony…

This is actually a concept album, the tracks consecutively are about a boy named Aramis. It’s such a mystic name but so is the track named “A Million Miles”. Yes, it is definitely my favorite off the album, so it is still on heavy rotation on my playlist. “A Million Miles” is quite heavy rocking but at the same time catchy as hell with an almost oriental guitar solo embellishing the song. Yet, there are several other favorites. In rest of the album, you get lost in the melancholia of the lyrics. Melodies are beyond doubt captivating. I can safely say that this record has no filler tracks. The tracks shine like black pearls as keyboards and strings fill your soul with beautiful darkness. In tracks like “You, My North”, “Black Star” and “Awake” you feel the spell of dark paths on the boy lost in the forest. If you wanna have a quickie with the record, the opening song “The Worship of Counting Down”, secondly, “My Halo Ground”, and finally “Timbre” are my absolute recommendations. “No Man’s Land” is a bonus that should be mentioned.

It seems it has been worth the 3 years’ time of waiting for the fans, alas the band has spent this time meticulously working on this record, you can hear the perfect production and the dramatic atmosphere of the songs are complete with the goth-rock quality that we usually hear from various Finnish rock/metal bands. I haven’t seen Lacrimas Profundere live yet, but this record has made me wanna catch them at a festival somewhere in Europe so badly and rock my socks out! If you’re gothic rock fan, this here is a must-hear record for your ears and souls black as coal.

Lacrimas Profundere - Hope Is Here Tracklist:
01.The Worship Of Counting Down
2.My Halo Ground
3.Hope Is Here
5.A Million Miles
6.No Man’s Land
8.You, My North
10.The Path Of Broken Homes
12.Black Moon

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27 July 2016