3rd machine – Quantified Self

3rd machine - Quantified Self
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 30-04-2016

Formation 3rd Machine is playing for over a decade and this year the guys thought it was time for a debut full length. “Quantified Self” is out now.

The band is giving us an interesting mix of Metal. Having enough vehemence to keep their words strongly backed they have no fear for a little step away from that here and there too. Some experiment seems welcome which fell out quite nicely here. The listener gets a shot of melodic into it, some progressive even.
“Quantified Self” is an album that listens easily. You immediately catch the feel of it but where many will end, this band goes further and lay some more into it, which results in a sound that keeps you listening and discovering new things at each spin. If we have to mention a little remark it may be that sometimes it feels a bit like each individual is battling to get himself heard, a bit more of giving and taking and we could get an accumulated win out of that, but perhaps that will grow into them at a future release.

The album sparks ones interest, it has a sound that is ready to reach internationally when some refinements will crawl into it. Looking forward to that!

Line up:
Finus Tromp – Bass
Ronald Kools – Guitar
John Ruiter – vocals
GertJan Vis – Guitar
Stefan Westerman – Drums

3rd machine - Quantified Self Tracklist:
01. Curveball
02. Reboot Initiate
03. Quantified Self
04. Ultimate Intelligence
05. Firewall
06. Magnet
07. 1953
08. System Idle
09. Petrified


07 August 2016