Promt! – Strom Der Zeit

Promt! - Strom Der Zeit
Label: MetalSpiesser / Soulfood
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 17-06-2016

Promt! is a German punk rock band. Founded in 2009, the band has released three albums so far. “Strom Der Zeit” is their latest release and comes with fourteen tracks.

With a heavy riff, then the rough vocals set in. German punk rock music comes at you right away.The rhythm is supported by a steady beat and stays the same throughout the album. The lyrics are empowering and motivating to stand up and speak your mind. The vocals follow the melodies and therefore are easy to sing or shout along to. The guitars are mainly distorted and bring back common punk riffs like they were used by Ramones or even Nirvana. The lyrics are about common topics like wanting to be a rockstar, fake people and the rough things in life. Promt! walks the paths of a young Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärzte or even a young version of Broilers.

“Strom Der Zeit” comes with fourteen songs and lasts for fifty-two minutes. For everyone that loves easy punk rock music with not too many style changes and complex arrangements, this is the perfect fit. So go ahead and check out the brand new album “Strom Der Zeit” by Promt! now.

Promt - Strom Der Zeit Tracklist:
01. Intro
02. Auf deiner Seele
03. Rockstar
04. Was du warst
05. Strom der Zeit
06. Meister des Lebens
07. Du
08. Das ist es nun
09. Nicht zum Schein
10. Die Frau mit dem Cowboy-Hut
11. Es ist egal
12. Geh nach vorn
13. Mich kann jede haben
14. Auf Wiedersehen


23 June 2016