October Tide – Winged Waltz

October Tide - Winged Waltz
Label: Agonia Records
Written by: Basak Günel
Releasedate: 22-04-2016

October Tide is a Swedish doom/death metal band. They have been active since 1995 and I am sure the fans of Katatonia follow October Tide a lot more since the line-up of the band consists of some of the former Katatonia band members!..But this is not the (only) reason to like them; the fact that they have been staying true to their roots and the perfect blend of genres that they deliver is enough to like them!

The band’s latest record “Winged Waltz” has been released last week. While reviewing the record, I read that the vocalist “injured himself physically and was close to pass out a couple of times during the recording of the vocals”. Now I don’t know if this is really true but the overall atmosphere in this record is quite dark and intense so this might be indeed the case. The overall tempo of the album is at times slow and at times dark but one thing does not change; it’s that melancholia and darkness that captivates you slowly but steadily. This is not the record that you may fall in love with at the first instant but you need a couple of spins to let it sink in and assimilate so don’t rush with “Winged Waltz”. Discover the hidden magic in the record and you will like it and appreciate the band even more!

Musically, we get to hear a mixture of doom/death metal to the core; we hear this blend sometimes in the guitars and sometimes in the vocals. For me, the guitars are definitely the highlight; it’s as if they speak to us and deliver another form of melancholia. All in all, the line-up is quite strong and despite many changes, I can say that the band feels whole and all the elements in the music fit well. My favorites are definitely “Sleepless Sun” and “Nursed By The Cold”.

Total doom and darkness… “Winged Waltz” will definitely accompany you on those rainy and grey days!

Alexander Högbom – vocals
Fredrik Norrman – guitars
Mattias Norrman – bass
Emil Alstermark – guitars
Jocke Wallgren – drums

 OctoberTide Tracklist:
01. Swarm
02. Sleepless Sun
03. Reckless Abandon
04. A Question Ignite
05. Nursed By The Cold
06. Lost In Rapture
07. Perilous
08. Coffins of November

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01 May 2016