Kamikaze Kings – Royal Renegades

Kamikaze Kings - Royal Renegades
Label: 7hard / Membran
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 25-03-2016

Kamikaze Kings were founded five years ago. Now they have a brand new release which goes by the name of “Royal Renegades”. The album comes with fourteen songs and will get you going along to the music.

Looking at the cover lets you expect something entirely different from what you will actually hear when pressing play on “Royal Renegades”. Strong and loud male vocals come shouted at you when the first songs begins. Strong and powerful, Kamikaze Kings push you through the album. Repetitive lyrics and easy choruses get you to hum or even sing along. Join the army of “Royal Renegades”. From loud and ass kicking songs to slower songs that you can sway or wave your arms along to, Kamikaze Kings has it all. The tough music will keep your full attention at all times. Pushing you through the album.

“Royal Renegades” comes with fourteen songs and lasts for almost one hour. The lyrics are in English, German and even one chorus in French. The loud and thriving music will get you going along to the rhythms. Some melodies and songs will even get stuck in your head. So go ahead and check out Kamikaze Kings with their brand new album “Royal Renegades”.

Kamikaze Kings - Royal Renegades Tracklist:
01. Rock ‘n’ Roll Sacrilege
02. Heavy on My Heart
03. Touchdown in the Dangerzone
04. Dirty Girl
05. Live to Rock
06. Powerbreaker
07. Helden Sterben Nie
08. L’etat C’est Moi
09. She’s a Rocker
10. Infernal Bloodbond (Brothers in Metal) (feat. Jost Kleinert)
11. Steel on Steel (United Metal Nation) (feat. Iris Boanta)
12. No Regrets
13. Take It Like a Man
14. Ungebrochen


26 March 2016