Blood Ceremony – Lord Of Misrule

Blood Ceremony - Lord Of Misrule
Label: Rise Above
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 25-03-2016

Blood Ceremony is a Canadian doom metal band formed in Toronto, Ontario. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2008. Now the Canadians released their fourth full length studio album which goes by the name of “Lord Of Misrule”.

With a strong voice and distorted guitars, the music comes blasting right at you. It is much smoother than you would expect it from doom metal, but it does carry some doom elements. Like the dark spirit that hangs above each song, like clouds. Some elements in the arrangements are more in the psychedelic, medieval or dark rock genres. But no matter what genre you would consider Blood Ceremony to be,”Lord Of Misrule” does not sound misplaced and never bores. The album includes quite a lot for you to discover while listening to the album. Each song is not only telling a tale but also carries its own spirit. Simply brilliant.

Blood Ceremony is a female fronted metal band. With “Lord Of Misrule” the Canadians have created an album that comes with nine songs and lasts for forty-five minutes.With a strong voice and repetitive guitar riffs, the band will keep your attention until the album has ended. Check it out.

Blood Ceremony - Lord Of Misrule Tracklist:
01. The Devil’s Widow
02. Loreley
03. The Rogue’s Lot
04. Lord of Misrule
05. Half Moon Street
06. The Weird of Finistere
07. Flower Phantoms
08. Old Fires
09. Things Present, Things Past


25 March 2016