Dyscordia – Words in Ruin

Dyscordia - Words in Ruin
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 05-03-2016
Dyscordia is a Melodic Metal formation from Belgium. They released their debut full length album “Twin Symbiosis” in 2013 and return this year with a new album called: “Words in Ruin”.

At their previous release we wrote about the difference between the live experience and the album they sent us shortly after, mainly the vocals has a big win there. Well we can say that this band has grown immensely. In this release you will be a listening to a band that has some references to bands like Catamenia, Before the Dawn etc. Mainly that for the melodic side of them as the band tends more to a progressive side. On the vocals we hear a besides a stable clean voice also a grunt that suits greatly in their sound. A big win for them!

The guitars have a lot of time to shine and they do! The band does not fear a good tempo, bringing it up and down when needed to create a playful track list that is varied enough. The band brought a great balance in their sound and are showing some good song writing in there. If you are looking for one song that stand out, you may be up for a strong task though, the album is full of tracks that are all have catchiness and vehemence side–to-side. But are you looking to what is different than the others you come down to the cover version of Sonata Arctica’s “My Land”. They have done enough with the track to make it their own, but kept the song as its original in respect. A well succeeded cover!

“Words in Ruin” surprises us a lot, it is the band’s second album, but has the quality of an act that has been releasing loads of albums already. We liked their debut, we love this one. It reaches far over the average we get in and we are hoping to see the guys a lot during the festival season.

Line up:
Piet Overstijns – Clean vocals
Stefan Segers – Guitar, grunts
Guy Commeene – Leadguitar
Wouter Debonnet – Drums
Martijn Debonnet – Guitar, backings vocals
Wouter Nottebaert – Bass, backing vocals

Dyscordia - Words in Ruin Tracklist:
01. Templum Creationes
02. Harlequin’s Grief
03. Bail me Out
04. Reveries
05. A Perfect Day
06. Never Will
07. Sacred Soil of Souls
08. The Masquerade
09. Chthonic Star
10. Words of Fortune
11. My Land

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03 March 2016