War Agenda – Night Of Disaster

War Agenda - Night Of Disaster
Label: MDD
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 09-10-2015

War Agenda is a German metal band from Sinsheim. Formed in 2012 they have released their first demo EP in 2013. Now they finally released their first full length studio album. Packed with ten songs, War Agenda named their debut “Night Of Disaster”. Almost forty-five minutes of old school trash metal.

Fast and thriving music is blasting right at you when pressing play on “Night Of Disaster”. War Agenda is pushing you through this album without a minute to rest and catch your breath again. The fast rhythms, the shredding on the guitar and bashing on the drums causes your adrenaline level to rise and your mind to feel rushed. The lyrics on each song are straight forward and harsh. Two vocalists are taking turns in shouting at you. “Night Of Disaster” is an album to which you can leave out all your energy. Jump around, scream and shout.

War Agenda created an album that will get everyone’s muscles twitching while they listen to their brand new release. “Night Of Disaster” is shaking you at the core. Ten songs within almost forty-five minutes will get the best of you. Hard and heavy the music blasts right at you with no mercy. A must have for metal fans! Go get it now.

War Agenda - Night Of Disaster Tracklist:
01. Shot to Pieces
02. Geocide
03. The Wait
04. Sentenced
05. Night of Disaster
06. Time Heals Nothing
07. Mosh
08. Destiny of a Mad Man
09. Gone But Not Forgotten
10. Axis of Evil


14 October 2015