Hatred – War Of Words

Hatred - War Of Words
Label: MDD Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 18-09-2015

Hatred is a power and trash metal band from Germany. The band was formed in 1998 and has released three full length studio albums. Then it grew quiet around Hatred. Now the guys are back with brand new music and a brand new release. This is their fourth album now. It is called “War Of Words” and comes with fourteen tracks of which three are bonus tracks.

With a total album duration of more than an hour – including the bonus tracks – Hatred is coming at you with growled and shouted vocals, fast double kick on the drums and distorted guitars. While listening to “War Of Words” you can feel your adrenaline level rise. The music does not only carry speed but also power and energy. Every now and then the songs include guitar solos and heavy strumming as well as even faster and more intense hammering on the drums. “War Of the Words” is also getting your muscles to twitch. Only few song fragments throughout the entire album leave you some time to quickly catch a breath.

With “War Of The Words” Hatred has created an album that will be able to move the masses, form circle pits and get them heads to band. “War Of The Words” is extremely energetic and a must have for all metal fans out there.

Hatred - War Of Words Tracklist:
01. D.E.T.Y.S.
02. Fuck The Zombie
03. Watch The Genocide
04. Chaos 5. Virus
06. War Of Words
07. Enter The Halls
08. Storm
09. Rise Up
10. World Turns Black
11. Hope – Train Of Thought
12. Nature Of Humanity
13. No Control
14. This Is Hell


21 September 2015