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Ville Laihiala & Aksu Hanttu
Interviewed by: Sabine van Gameren & Juho Karila
It is a bit before the release show of the debut album of S-tool when we are talking with Ville and Aksu about this album. Aksu has the final products in his hands for the first time and we learnt a lot about how this came to what it is. Read more of this article »

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Sami Hyde
Finnish formation The Nights is releasing their album and Sami Hyde was prepared to answer some questions for us.

Can you tell us a bit about the formation of The Nights, how do you know eachother?

– Ilkka called me back in summer ’15 and said, we should form a band and make music that we both love.
So basically, that’s how it started. We’ve known each other since 2012 through a different project I was working on at the time.
Ilkka was the producer for it and we just clicked right away. We’ve got a great chemistry together.

What can you tell me about the creating process of this debut release? Did all go as planned?

– We don’t live in a same town, so I did send songs to Ilkka via voicemail and he did the same to me.
Sure, we wrote many of the songs together as well. We had a lot of fun doing this album. It was easy, heartfelt process and it all happened mostly as planned.

How did you go into the studio, all prepared or more open to create still while recording?

– For many songs the foundation was built before we went into the studio.
We had 4 weekends (4 sessions) and after those, the album was recorded.
I can say, we were pretty much prepared but we did write some stuff in the studio as well.
Jan-Erik and Harri came in to record their parts later on in the process. They are great guys, great band mates and they did an amazing job with the bass and the drums!!

What do you consider to be the key factor of the album? Something that binds all together?

– The first song we wrote was NOTHING BUT LOVE. From there it was pretty easy for us to know what we want from the rest of the album.
In a nutshell: This album is the music we want to hear.

Sami, I have seen you have a long career in music already as well as we heard some albums you worked on. Where are the surprises for people that know you long time when the hear this release?

– I really don’t know. This is me… then, now and tomorrow. I just love to make music, perform and have a good time with it.
There’s no surprises, I think? Well, I’m a bit older now, if that counts…

When listening to the album the title song “Juliette” jumped out. Can you tell where that song comes from?

– Funny thing, cause that song was almost a left out. I had the main riff and the idea for the song on my recorder and luckily Ilkka heard it. We took it from there.
Ilkka wanted to bring in girl’s name for the title. So… what rhymes with “private jet”? Hmm… Juliette?
It’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek, but so what? It’s a great song anyway!

Most of the lyrics seem quite straightforward, where do these come from?

– You know, I was a student in the University of BJL (Bon-Jovi-Lyrics) so I’m not creating anything new here 😉 I just wanna write about love, good times and heartaches.
It’s also very important to me to write lyrics in a way so that people can relate to them.

There seems to be a lot of love in this album, are you man that puts this passion into music easily?

– You said it! That’s me right there. It’s the way I am, the way I live. I just love to love.

Being on Frontiers Records, you are aiming internationally with the release of this album, what are your expectations of how your music will do in other countries?

– Well of course, we want it to be success all over the world!! No doubt about that.
The reviews been amazing here in Finland and in other countries too. I think we’re on a right track with this album!

Are we going to see you somewhere in Europe (outside Finland) soon?

– We truly hope so and our agency is working on it as we speak. It is our driving force to get THE NIGHTS on stage…
…and when we get there, all I wanna say is: WELCOME TO THE SHOW!!

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The 69 Eyes
Interview with: Jyrki69

Interview by: Başak Günel

The Helsinki Vampires have come back to Germany to play a few live shows and one of the stops was Hamburg. Before the show, I had the honor and pleasure to interview the charismatic frontman Jyrki 69. Read more of this article »

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By:Gamze Öyunc

After their show in Tampere´s Jack The Rooster, I got to interview S-Tool in their backstage. I was lucky that the guys were still energetic after the show. Here´s how Ville Laihiala (vocals, guitar) and Aksu Hanttu (drums) answered my questions. Read more of this article »

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By: Sabine van Gameren

Read more of this article »

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Fernanda - Nervosa
By: Sandra Nunes
To celebrate this day, International Women Day, Sandra has decided to go back a few months (24th September 2016, when Nervosa was on tour with Enforcer, Flotsam and Jetsam and Destruction, whose reports you can read here (link= Let’s relive this interview because the metal world is not only made for men but also for women and here is a brave woman: Nervosa vocalist and bassist, Fernanda Lira, who shared her thoughts and her visions about women in metal. Read more of this article »

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Juha Kylmänen for Full Nothing

Interview by: Gamze Öyunc

Photo credit: Full Nothing Twitter account

Read more of this article »

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Interview by: Reija Myllynen

Photos by: Juho Karila

Valkeat is a folk metal band, which is just getting ready to release their debut album 20th of January. Their music is a combination of many styles that goes beyond the limits of metal, but what makes them most intresting is that they utilize the Finnish national instrument: kantele. This is their story. Read more of this article »

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Interview with: Joacim and Pontus; By: Sabine van Gameren
Lucky as we are we get to speak to Hammerfall about their brand new album “Built To Last”. And this album, number ten in line for them, has plenty to talk about. Read more of this article »

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Jonas Renkse & Daniel Moilanen

Interview by: Başak Günel

The Swedish kings of darkness are currently on a tour to promote their latest album “The Fall of Hearts” and to spread the melancholy!
Before the band’s show in Cologne, I had the chance to interview Jonas Renkse [vocals] and Daniel Moilanen [drums] about the new album, the tour and the band’s sound.

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