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Juha Kylmänen for Full Nothing

Interview by: Gamze Öyunc

Photo credit: Full Nothing Twitter account

  •  Q: First of all, Hello Juha! How are you, what have you been up to nowadays?
  • J: Well, hello! I´m fine thank you. I´ve been keeping myself busy with the new Full Nothing album songs and with my brand new music studio building project. Also slowly trying to learn some Spanish with not so good success yet.


  • Q: I was so glad to see you perform and hear your voice in this project “Full Nothing” after a while since For My pain and Reflexion. It’s such a unique project in my eyes because it has Argentinean musicians and singers from Northern Europe like you and Mats. What were these Argentinean musicians doing before Full Nothing? Did they have a band before?
  • J: Full Nothing is originally build up by two masterminds, Nicolas Marcos and Guillermo de Medio. FN music is based in music and lyrics of Nicolas and arrangements from Guillermo. Together they formed idea from project Full Nothing that would contain several musicians all over the world. Nicolas has a background as a musician in smaller acts and long history of composing and guitar playing. Guillermo is a keyboardist and multi musician who has performed with many bigger acts on their tours . I guess Guillermo is best known as a tour keyboardist for Tarja Turunen band on Latin American tours. He has also worked as a producer on several albums and recordings.


  • Q: How did you come together with the Argentinean musicians for Full Nothing project. How did they find you?
  • J: This was one of the first questions i asked when i first heard they want me on the album. The answer is quite simple actually. They found me thru internet based videos and stuff from my previous works in music. Their goal was to find Scandi-based singers to achieve Scandinavian style to vocals, so i got picked up.


  • Q: First album came out in 2015. How did you record that album? Other singers and yourself flied to Argentina to record the vocals?
  • J:My parts was recorded in Helsinki at Fried Studio by Arttu Peljo. First we did two songs then 3 more, about  a month later. All the visiting artists were recorded somewhere else not in Argentina for the first album.


  • Q: There is a Deluxe version of the first FN album that has 4 songs. What is the special thing about these deluxe versions? I hear some extra string arrangements.
  • J: Yes. The deluxe contains totally different arrangement, more strings,  different vocal takes and most of all a different mix session. The first album is mixed originally by Jacob Hansen but the deluxe extras are mixed by Christer Andre Cederberg.


  • Q: You have made live sessions in 2016 in Argentina. How did you decide to record live sessions? It must have taken a long time. How much time did it take?
  • J: Actually not that much. but it was experience beyond words for me. First of all it was the first time we played together as a band and it was like a roller coaster of emotions. I have never felt that afraid and satisfied at the same time in my whole musical career. it was totally amazing. We practiced one day and recorded one day. So all happened in two days , except mixing of course.  The live was Mixed by Mario Altamirano, mastered by Jens Bogren and the session was Recorded at El Pie Studios.Buenos Aires, Argentina. But yes,  we caught some very unique feelings and moments to that live. I’m actually very proud of it. and at the same time i noticed that the band could go on stage very easily, practically anytime. Since the playing and personalities worked better than i could ever imagine. It was magical.


  • Q: Did you take part in writing the lyrics and composing the songs in the first album?
  • J: Nope. All the music, lyrics and arrangements are made by Nicolas and Guillermo on the first album.


  • Q: Do you have any idea how the other big names such as Mats Leven came to record vocals for a number of songs?
  • J: Mostly the visiting artists was picked up thru old connections from tours etc. by Nico and Guillermo. Some thru friends and other musicians they have worked with. Mats is an amazing vocalist and his voice worked perfectly on many songs. In the first album I also did versions to some parts that didn’t end up in the album since some other take worked better. it was that simple.


  • Q: I heard that you’re recording a second Full Nothing album. How is it going to be different from the first one? Do you also write lyrics and compose on the second one? How many songs do you sing in?
  • J: Well…yes to all.  We are making new album and it will be a totally different story. After the first album Nico and Guillermo wanted me to step to Full Nothing as a real member and make FN a real band not a project anymore. So i was asked to lead singer to the band. After i said yes, I went to Argentina and stayed there for little over a month. In that month we recorded vocals to the album,we did live sessions, interviews and most all we arranged ,composed and fixed lots of lyrics there together. So yes, I will appear on all tracks on the second album. I am also involved in some songs what comes to the lyrics and arrangements in the second album. The time in Argentina was a dream come true for me, and the chemistry between us felt like we had know for years… literally. it’s a cliche, but now i know it can actually happen, so fuck cliches. Anyway the new album is going to be filled by emotions and scenes that can only happen in this kind of situations. Totally different cultures and people sharing the same ambition and goal in music. No compromises, only best will do. And I’m not only talking from technical view but also emotional view.


  • Q: Are there also gonna be various singers contributing the new FN album?
  • J: Yes, sure. there will be guest musicians on the new album too.


  • Q: Are there any plans for doing live shows? If yes, where would they take place?
  • J: Yes, we will perform live. But at the time we don’t have any exact dates or plans for that yet. I hope as soon as possible.


  • Q: Good luck for the second FN album and congratulations for this project. Can’t wait for more.
  • J: Thank you very much !!  I can assure that what you are about to hear on the second FN album will take you on a super emotional joyride like never before.  

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Interview by: Reija Myllynen

Photos by: Juho Karila

Valkeat is a folk metal band, which is just getting ready to release their debut album 20th of January. Their music is a combination of many styles that goes beyond the limits of metal, but what makes them most intresting is that they utilize the Finnish national instrument: kantele. This is their story. Read more of this article »

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Interview with: Joacim and Pontus; By: Sabine van Gameren
Lucky as we are we get to speak to Hammerfall about their brand new album “Built To Last”. And this album, number ten in line for them, has plenty to talk about. Read more of this article »

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Jonas Renkse & Daniel Moilanen

Interview by: Başak Günel

The Swedish kings of darkness are currently on a tour to promote their latest album “The Fall of Hearts” and to spread the melancholy!
Before the band’s show in Cologne, I had the chance to interview Jonas Renkse [vocals] and Daniel Moilanen [drums] about the new album, the tour and the band’s sound.

Read more of this article »

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Oliver Berlin & Tobias Weinreich

Interview by: Başak Günel

The German “forest metallers” Finsterforst have released a rather interesting and fun EP called “YOLO” recently and they are also currently on tour with Nothgard, Heidevolk and Equilibrium!
The band delivered an awesome and fun show in Bochum recently and after the show, vocalist Oliver Berlin and bassist Tobias Weinreich answered my questions about the new album, the tour and… drinking of course!  Read more of this article »

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Steve Moss

On a lovely autumn afternoon I got to meet up with Steve from The Midnight Ghost Train. The band is on tour and although their latest album is out already for quite a bit we still got some info on it as well as we were able to speak about future plans. Read more of this article »

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Blind Channel

Interview by: Reija Myllynen

Blind Channel is an intresting group who shamelessly mix metal with pop, hip hop and rap elements and they manage to make it look and sound so good that we had no choice but to have a few words with them after their show. Read more of this article »

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Evil Invaders

Earlier during the day we had seen Evil Invaders open the Into The Grave with flair and now we found a quiet place to talk to them.
Read more of this article »

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Interview by: Reija Myllynen

Humavoid is a band that’s hard to put under a genre. Their music consists of many pieces from various styles, beyond the boundaries of metal. The fact combined to a professional, and one of the most impressive live-shows we saw, on the stage of Emergenza left with a feeling that we just had to interview them.


Gallows Bird, Espoo

Singer & Keytarist, Suvimarja “Sumppi” Halmetoja = S

Singer & Guitarist, Niko Kalliojärvi = N

Bass-guitarist, Jan From = J

Interviewer = R
Humavoid at Nosturi Emergenza Finland
R: You were in Emergenza a little while ago, what kind of feelings you got from it?

S: I got good feelings. We didn’t quite reach onto the highest podium in the competition but it was awesome getting to play in Nosturi and we surely gained lots of new listeners.

N: Yeah, you go there for the sake of publicity and that we sure got. And plenty of good footage, both video and stills.

J: Yep, good feeling, lots of new people and it was great getting to play in Nosturi. A first touch to bigger stages.

R: How did you get started?

S: Niko and I were part of another band so we got to know eachother musically but that withered away so we founded a new one.

N: Yep, we actually had an albumful of material that we were recording when it flopped.

So we decided to finish the album and then start a new band from there. Our debut album sounds quite different than our more recent material, which is because it was composed for another band. Our EP, Glass, which was released last year, represents more of what we want to do.

R: So this EP is much more like you?

S: Yeah, the sound became more clear to myself with that EP as well, in a way, and it could had been presented when I got the right guys around it.

R: Anything to add?

J: Yep, we jammed together with Niko during the debut album process and we synced really well. But somehow there were so much more than that. I was playing in two other bands so the ideas were kinda left to brew. When I got relieved from those other projects, I could join properly because I knew Humavoid was looking for members.

R: Then, what’s going on and what’s coming up?

S: We’re recording and filming a music video during the summer, more gigs then in the autumn.

N: Yeah, we’re lucky to not have any gigs booked for a while so we got time to write new material to get more of our sound out.Humavoid at Nosturi Emergenza Finland

R: Do you have an EP or an album coming?

N: It remains to be seen. At least a song or two for starters while we’re making new stuff.

R: Then a bit more about those future plans?

S: Well, we’ll aim high and far, of course. We have a feeling that now we have a band we want to be in and give our everything for it and hope it gets us far.

And even if it doesn’t, we’d still probably be doing this because it’s important to us.

N: To get an album out and someone to distribute it and to help with promotional stuff would be really great.

J: My really longtime dream has been to get to play abroad, when I know how bigger the scene is out there and it feels like there might be more audience for this kind of music.

R: Metal has traditionally been kinda Nordic thing, perhaps? Here we know how to do it…?

S: We sure know how. Finland is a famous metal country but it feels like there are so many bands that there aren’t enough listeners to hear them all. Feels like that our kind of modern metal type intrests also in other countries too.

R: Then, a totally horrible question but it’s one of my favorites. What are your sources of inspiration and influences?

S: Well, I’m a classical pianist by education so we draw quite a lot from piano music and modern, so called classical, and jazz and this fusion music but Niko can tell you more.

N: Well yeah, if I need to name some metal bands then Metallica and Pantera have been scoured through, of course, and then came somekind of death-phase. And then Meshuggah which changed everything but everyone copies them nowadays.

We want to add harmonics and melodies to this kind of twitching and fidgeting, not in Iron Maiden -style but using a little surprising chord rotations etc.

S: I, for one, listen to Meshuggah, Textures and Periphery a lot. These kinds of modern metal bands and somewhere in the modern metal our music lands too but we draw a lot outside of metal as well.

N: And it’s not limited only to music. One song on our debut album got started when I was watching a nature documentary where a wolf chased a reindeer and it was somehow really sad.

R: They just kinda come from everywhere?
Humavoid at Nosturi Emergenza Finland
J: Yeah, everything’s inspiring and it’s a cliche that metal bands are influenced by other metal bands but we take a lot from everything else because it creates all kinds of new fun.

N: Exactly. I think we’ve managed to get a good sound, that we can take influences from anything and squeeze out a metal juice. For example, we have a riff on our EP which got started from “Mun mummoni muni mun mammani” -nursery rhyme, and now each one of you needs to listen to that EP from beginning to the end and find that riff.

Photographer’s question.

Ju: A fan of yours requested me to ask from you how much of an influence has Periphery been to you because he claims to be hearing djent in your music?

N: It’s a funny thing that bands of that orientation probably have same influences as we do. I have to admit that it’s a great band and I dig it, maybe it influences.

And it’s not the first time when people argue if they hear djent or not but we can’t reply with anything but our music. They can call it with words then by themselves.

R: The traditional, free word for Humavoid, here you go.

N: Hmm, I heard a thing, when it has been argued about, where that saying “Ok” comes from. That they’ve had so harsh living conditions in somewhere in the world that men wrote ‘0 (zero) kills’ when they returned home from trips, and it has been shortened to forms ‘0k’ and ‘ok.’

This wasn’t relevant to anything but when you said the word is free, I’m just ok.

J: And those who have seen us somewhere, come again.

S: And thanks to fans, it’s great that you dig our music, and really come to our gigs and you’ll notice that it’s easy to headbang along; even if we have changes in time signatures etc. but we’ll surely be examples.

N: Yep, take a look at the band, take over all the gestures and such. And if you’re a fan, it’s obvious that you’ve liked us on Facebook and you’re following us on Instagram, right?

S: And also in Snapchat.

Photos by: Juho Karila

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Interview by: Reija Myllynen
Photos by: Juho Karila
Blame Tom!, an alternative rock band

At Bar Loose, after Emergenza qualification round and hearing that the band proceeds to semifinals at Nosturi

Singer, Bini: B
Guitarist, Jesse: J

Interviewer: R

Blame Tom is a very energetic alternative rock band from Finland. Their charismatic and powerful female singer combined with intense live show and catchy melodies are the reasons we decided we want to talk with them. Read more of this article »

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