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Bouncing Souls

22-03-2017 Bouncing Souls
Support: Get Dead, AJJ
Starts: 22-03-2017
San Francisco, California

It is a Wednesday night in San Francisco. Bouncing Souls came into town yesterday, and they were about to play an additional show tonight. This was all taken place in a medium sized venue called Slim’s. A nice venue located close to highway 101. Three bands were hitting the stage tonight: Get Dead, AJJ and the Bouncing Souls. Read more of this article »

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Dynamo Metal Fest band battle
Starts: 17-03-2017

Dynamo Metal Fest has been a great success in the previous years and also this year the line up is very promising. So it is not a surprise that many bands desire to play there, the festival organized a band battle to give the winner a chance to open the festival this year. A second place was for the band that will play at the pre-party the night before. Read more of this article »

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04-03-2017 Wolfheart
Supports: Magenta Harvest & The Hypothesis; Photo: Juho Karila; Review: Gamze Öyunc
Starts: 04-03-2017
Virgin Oil

Magenta Harvest at Virgin Oil Co
Wolfheart´s brand new album “Tyhjyys” has been eagerly awaited by the fans after 2 years. Luckily I got to see the band play the new album live in Helsinki with my Tempelores mate Juho just the day after the release date.

What made the gig so much tastier than it already was were the 2 bands opening for Wolfheart. Those were both Finnish acts. Subsequently, Magenta Harvest and The Hypothesis.

I was so excited to hear Magenta Harvest live, however due to some involuntary delay, we could only catch the last 3 songs of them. I only knew Mathias Lilmåns from Finntroll and his growling and brutal vocals were impeccable throughout the show. They played the songs live from their album I enjoyed the hell out of them. They sound so fresh live and unique in the Finnish death metal scene in my opinion. They can be described as melodeath but a bit on the progressive side. It was a joy to headbang to them.

The Hypothesis at Virgin Oil Co
After the Magenta Harvest feast, Finnish “Modern Melodic Death Metal” band The Hypothesis took the stage. They can be described as the Finnish brothers of Soilwork and Scar Symmetry. They have cool keyboards and clean vocals in the verses. Everyone in the crowd seemed to enjoy their live performance, they got loud applause and cheers between their songs. The band was very dynamic and energetic on the stage, I think it reflected on the audience, too.

Now after The Hypothesis, the time has come for the mighty Wolfheart. The audience was crowded in the front rows and when the band opened with “Boneyard”, which is the first track of Tyhjyys after the instrumental “Shores of the Lake Simple”,  the excitement hit the ceiling.
Wolfheart at Virgin Oil Co
As well as the new songs from “Tyhjyys”, Tuomas Saukkonen and his crew of warriors played Wolfheart trademarks from previous albums such as my ever-favorites, Routa Pt.2, Zero Gravity and The Hunt. The band played over an hour and nearly 30 minutes more and the energy was palpable as they rocked the crowd with every song they played. The crowd contributed the energy with a few mosh-pits through the end. Surely enough, the new songs from Tyhjyys got great reactions, even though they were more on the death metal side rather than the trademark melodic elements of Wolfheart sound. After the show I got to rotate the album numerous more times and I can say that they grew on me much more though I had found them less melodic before.

After the show Tuomas was kind enough to give us his autograph on the bag I got for my best friend. We also got to meet and chat with Mathias Lilmåns from Magenta Harvest. All has been carved as an awesome memory in my heart.

Wolfheart will play at festivals in Finland throughout the summer and do not forget about the Before The Dawn reunion only for a special one time gig at John Smith Rockfest on late June. Wolfheart at Virgin Oil Co

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15-03-2017 Kilt.
By: Nilgün Lesonen
Starts: 15-03-2017
On The Rocks
Thanks for the awesome gig to Alternative Metal Band Kilt. from Finland. The guys have been together for quite some years and tonight was the record release party of their third full length album called: “Momentum”. Read more of this article »

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03-03-2017 Aesthetic Perfection
Support: Nyxx, Night Club
Starts: 03-03-2017
Brick & Mortar
San Francisco, California

It is Friday night in San Francisco. There is plenty of places to go. We chose Brick & Mortar. A little club in San Francisco. Why? Because three amazing bands were playing there tonight: Nyxx, Night Club, and Aesthetic Perfection. Read more of this article »

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Battle Beast 24-02-17
Starts: 24-02-2017
Virgin Oil Co

Text by: Reija Myllynen
Photos by: Juho Karila
Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast at Virgin Oil Co
Battle Beast is a band that had conquered our hearts few years ago in Nummirock and it’s been a delight to see them developing and growing year after year, thanks for them being active to play near us. After the departure of the songwriter-guitarist Anton Kabanen, it was only a matter of time when we’ve got to hear the first album where the rest of the group had finally got to contribute. This is a story about how well the songs work live. Read more of this article »

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Valkeat Album Release Show 20-1-2017
Support: Vetten Äpärät

Text by: Reija Myllynen
Photos by: Juho Karila

We were up for a folk metal night in Helsinki as one of the most promising and praised bands, Valkeat were about to make their debut. But before the main act, we witnessed Vetten Äpärät, which was a completely new acquaintance for both of us. Read more of this article »

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06-01-2017 Nation in Despair & Instant
Bar Rock Bear

Text by: Reija Myllynen
Photos by: Juho Karila

It was a dark night in Vantaa, the neighboring city for Helsinki, and the midwinter coldness only fitted to the scene as we ventured into the venue that looked almost like a warehouse turned into a bar. Pretty perfect for some death metal. Read more of this article »

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11-02-2017 S-Tool
Starts: 11-02-2017
Jack The Rooster

By: Gamze Öyunc

Finnish heavy metal rockers Ville Laihiala (ex-Sentenced and Poisonblack) as a frontman and his crew of prestigious musicians Aksu Hanttu (Entwine), Sami Leppikangas and Kimmo Hiltunen (ex-Lullacry) founded S-Tool in 2015. It originated from Laihiala´s personal demos and evolved into this project relatively very timely. They have been crowdfunding and recording their debut album for a while now. The rockers decided to make a Finnish tour with their material in hand to measure the temperature of the Finnish rock seas, and I attended the last leg of this mini tour in Tampere, at the famous Jack the Rooster. The Tampere gig was the 8th show of this mini winter tour of the band.

Tampere is a lively city bustling with young people and music enthusiasts as I´ve seen in the crowd in this rock bar Jack the Rooster. We arrived at the bar an hour earlier. The show was sold out and exuberance hit the top point when great rock and metal blared from the speakers before the show. The stage was very intimate enabling fans and the band interact with each other easily. I even ran into my instagram friend in the first row who is an Finnish metal fan, we hugged each other warmly, and felt the delight of the fun night ahead of us full of Finnish rock `n roll. My friend´s husband was kind enough to let me squeeze between them in the first row, we started headbanging to the pre-show songs.

The atmosphere was very candid and friendly, Laihiala came on the stage to accord his guitar, everyone cheered when they saw him and he was all smiles and in a jolly mood, which was a sign of an awesome show waiting for us. The band took the stage after midnight, started rocking with their 1st single “Shovel Man”. The energy oozing from the stage to the crowd was awesome and it felt very positive. As the band agreed later on in the interview after the show, they have been enjoying the 1st fruits of their time together as a band quite a lot.

“Your Despiser No.1”, “Hammering”, “Back to Zero”, “Until The Lid Closes and “Shovel Man” were the most outstanding live tracks and grabbed full attention from the audience. They played 12 brand new songs in total. I kind of expected some covers from the band during their setlist but they were eager for their own material and they wanted to showcase them to the audience for immediate feedback.

Their kickstarter campaign reached its goal and their recordings for the S-Tool album is going on full throttle. After this mini winter tour, we as fans can only wait to hear the album when it comes out even though there is no certain release date for it.

S-tool is scheduled to play at the summer festivals of 2017 so if you have the chance to catch them in festivals all over Finland this summer, do not miss it.

S-Tool Facebook

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11-02-2017 Doyle
Support: Mkiebo

By: Basak Günel


Who would have thought the band DOYLE would include the city of Oldenburg as part of their European tour? The band, consisting of the notorious Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and Alex “Wolfman” Story is currently embarking on the European tour to promote their latest album “Abominator” and they played in Oldenburg on a Saturday evening. Read more of this article »

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